Max-Atlas chassis with Prinoth Vehicle

Max Atlas Chassis is pulling its weight in Antarctica!

Published on: August 24, 2020 | Category: News, | Tags: combochassis,

In 2018, the company Prinoth located in Granby, contacted us to design a very specific chassis that would be pulled by their new vehicle in Antarctica as part of their project called Troll. The PRINOTH brand is associated with high quality solutions for off-road applications and we were thrilled to add our sense of innovation and our know-how in the design of specialized chassis for over 30 years to couple their one-of-a-kind transport vehicle with a heavy-duty specialized trailer capable of withstanding the harshest climate of the Norwegian Station in Antarctica.

The challenges were multiple and had to be able to fit with the chains that Prinoth had designed and meet all the requirements of the project. To achieve this, Max-Atlas’s Engineering Department , combined its capabilities to develop more than 8 different types of specialized chassis and manufacture more than 70 trailer models capable of withstanding the hardest conditions in the cold weather of Canada.

The CCCO4414-FO-00 12 pins Combo Container chassis , is designed to haul 1 full 40′ ISO container and 2 empty 20′. Originally designed to pull a weight of 34 tons, it ended up pulling 76 tons on site, carrying even more cargo to its destination than originally planned.

Max-Atlas, manufacturer of Intermodal Chassis in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu in Quebec, is proud to have participated in this project, by collaborating with another Quebec company such as Prinoth, and to establish this kind of partnership in our Province, thus demonstrating the great value of engineering and innovation that exists here in the Province of Quebec, Canada.

Take a look at the video showing the large combo formed by the Prinoth vehicle pulling the Max-Atlas chassis as they convoy to the Norwegian Station in the vast spaces of Antarctica.

If you have a special project or need our expertise to develop a specific chassis, contact us and put us to the test!